You will find our prices are comparable to other Polyethylene systems, but most are over 30 years old with very little grip and high trip hazards. TuffTrak is the premium choice and has never caused a single trip incident in it’s five year’s existence, thanks to it’s flush connectors and unique, cross-serrated grip.

What is TuffTrak used for?

Temporary Roadway
Pedestrian Walkways
Indoor/Outdoor Flooring
Stage Pads
Crane Rigger Mats/Pads
Bog Mats


  • One side has the unique cross-serrated surfaces for pedestrians and vehicles. This serration provides maximum grip in every direction, even when wet and on cambers and low valleys disperse rain quickly.
  • The second side has a much deeper profile and in most applications this side provides a super-strong bond with the ground, even with continuous traffic or on steeper inclines or cambers but it can also be used face-up to provide ultimate traction for hill climbing and the World’s largest vehicles and cranes over 1200 tons.


Our trackway is manufactured from Tough High Density (HD) Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene. The pivot jointed construction allows the panel to contour with the undulating ground, eliminating weak points and lowering the risk of bow-waves from moving traffic. Most TuffTrak trackway panels have fixings that stand proud of the surface but our panels have internal connectors to prevent pedestrian trips and the risk of tyre damage. Our panel’s design has enabled us to install up to 50% faster.

Other Services

Non Mech Plant

All Plant available including Road and crowd barriers, Road Plates, Harris fencing and traffic barriers!
Please contact us for more information

Access Equipment

We have a variety of access equipment available for hire! Contact us or give us a call for more information.


Alleviate the problem of working on a green field site where there is no mains electricity, water or drainage.
Facilities available dependent on particular model include:
· Generator for electric heating, cabin lighting and appliances is powered by either LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or diesel
· Generator will automatically start when lights, heating or appliances are switched on
· Toilet and washing facilities with running water
· Traditional porcelain wc sanitary ware
· Includes canteen facilities for 8 people
· Complete with changing room with hat & coat hooks and heaters
· Contains effluent tank – we even empty the contents for you
· Instantaneous electric kettle for hot drinks
· Ideal for remote locations where no mains services are provided
· All steel construction to increase security and deter theft and vandalism


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